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About Us

Revon Media Sdn Bhd, a Revongen Corporation Company, is an independent publishing company that has created a niche as the leader in conceptualising, producing and publishing high end products with our experienced editorial team, award winning graphic designers and innovative publishing & marketing team.

As an innovative publisher, Revon Media revolutionizes the print media by editorializing the editorial content to give the readers a complete & an engaging experience through innovative digital technology to get the message heard. Numerous digital platforms are used to engage readers in visual storytelling through our team of seasoned professionals.

Revon Media is committed to make a difference with its’ focus on health issues, in both print and digital. Available in three languages – English, Bahasa Malaysia and in Chinese, the publications will undoubtedly cater for all market segments.

Revongen Corporation (Revongen) is a regional biotechnology business conglomerate which invested its resources into five market-focused segments: Biosciences, Medical, Halal, AgriBiotech and Aquaculture.

The core competencies of Revongen includes quality management systems, extensive market knowledge, professional technical and customer support, advanced R&D and manufacturing capabilities.

Its’ identity as a global provider of research tools and equipment for life science communities, clinical diagnostic kits for infectious diseases, testing kits for Halal food, lab services, shrimp disease detection kits, biocompost and biofertilizer, afforestation and plant tissue culture products.

With a wealth of experience in the biotechnology industry, Revongen is committed to meeting stringent requirements to offer only quality products and excellent service with timely delivery to our customers.

Sihat Malaysia believes on the followings :

PASSION FOR EXCELLENCE : We strive to excel in every aspect of publishing passionately.

CUSTOMER ORIENTED : We ensure that we are able to provide superior services and high end quality as well as professionalism for our customers.

OUR PEOPLE :Our employees are seen as individuals and are empowered to their full potential. Our communication is open and our success is shared with everyone.

PARTNERSHIP :We believe in the power of partnership with our clients to meet our common objectives.

INNOVATION & TECHNOLOGY : We adopt a culture of innovation, we are constantly being kept up to date with the latest advancements which facilitates the development of new technologies and ensures a high quality product.

More About Sihat Malaysia


We create value for our advertisers, readers, business partners and employees. Our strong brands loved by all consumers because our content is trusted, credible and engaging.


We live and breathe publications together with our readers, advertisers and business partners. Our long-term strategy is to expand our local market, bring our titles to global markets, and enhance with digital technologies.


As an innovative publisher, our ultimate goal is to become a multi-media company with significant presence not only in Malaysia but in the region and beyond.


  • Over 100 years of experience in publishing/media
  • Strong industry presence
  • Equipped with multi-platform media
  • Sterling editorial content and award-winning designs


EX cellence
C ustomer-focus
I ntegrity
T eamwork
E mbracing Change